Bee Swarm Removal Brisbane

Bee Swarm Removal Brisbane

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Many pest contractors recommend beekeepers to remove unwanted bees because of the dangers involved and to save the bees where possible. We remove bee swarms in Brisbane, Redlands, Logan and Ipswich from domestic and commercial properties. With a wealth of knowledge in the industry we're a preffered provider for many real estate agencies. Call us today on 07 3343 5321

Bee swarms are a natural process that in Brisbane usually occurs from late winter to early summer. In Brisbane the bee swarms sometimes start in late july and occasionally will even continue to swarm into April. Bee hives swarm to reproduce and multiply the number of bee hives.

Beekeepers wear suits for a reason and still get stung! Working with bees is dangerous when untrained and without the right equipment. So when you see bees on your property or in a wall call the Brisbane professionals and don't risk your or your neighbours safety!Bee swarms Bee swarms should only be removed by seasoned/ experienced beekeepers who know what they are doing.

Most bee swarms are fairly docile if left alone, however, there are always exceptions. Some hives are really nasty and so are their swarms. Bee swarms can become very aggressive if they are disturbed. There may be as many as 10 000 – 30 000 bees in one swarm. If you get this many bees angry they will attack people or pets. It is very difficult to stop an aggravated bee swarm or colony from attacking everything in sight once it starts. Some races of bees will continue being aggressive until nightfall. Aggravating a bee swarm or colony is very dangerous. Fatalities have occurred from aggravating bee swarms and bee hives.

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