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Bee Prevention

There are two times bee prevention is important.

1/ When bees start investigating your property for the first time, they will be flying, milling around a hole in a wall, e.g. a weep hole in brickwork. There may be just a few 10-20 or there may be hundreds of them.

The bees will land on the wall and crawl into the wall cavity. The bees will not have pollen on their legs. If you listen to the sound on the inside of the wall you will hear bees buzzing and a ticking sort of noise. The interior wall will not feel warm to touch. (If the inside wall is warm to touch and, or if the bees are carrying pollen on their legs the bees have already moved in.)

When bees are investigating as described above, they are thinking about moving in and discussing with their sisters and the queen about how good you house is.

NOW is the time to stop them. If you stop them now you will possibly save yourself years of grief. Once the bees move in and establish a hive in your wall they will leave pheromones in the wall structures of your home that will attract future bee swarms for many years to come. STOP them before the colony is established in your wall.

2/ the second type of prevention is when you have already had an established beehive in your wall cavity. Once you have had bees in your wall bee swarms will always be attracted to your property. The more often or the longer you have had bees in your wall the more likely or frequently you will have bee swarms return to your property. Bees can be prevented from returning to your property by making the wall cavities inaccessible to the bees. This is a simple process that uses screens and sealants and a trained eye. No toxic pesticides are used. Preventing the return of bees to your property is good for your peace of mind. I have worked on buildings that have previously had bee swarms arrive and make hives every year for over 15 years, they no longer have a bee problem. No bees in the last 8 years. They are happy customers. We offer a guarantee for be prevention work. The guarantee is on our workmanship and materials but the length of time depends on the structure of your premises.

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...a true professional who knew what he was doing and is good at it, he even gave us some honey and it was delicious, I highly recommend pete for both his honey and bee relocation services.

Thanks again for removing the Bee hive that was making their home in our backyard this morning. Definitely can sleep better knowing it's gone. Definitely recommend Pete for his prompt convenience, experience and services.

Pete came out on a Sunday to help us remove a swarm of bees that had just moved in. A very prompt service with a fantastic result. ... Will certainly recommend to anyone with a bee problem.

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