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No. Bees swarms or nest can be very dangerous. There could be anywhere between 10 000 to 100 000 bees in a bee colony. If you start messing with them they can get extremely angry and impossible to manage. They could sting everyone and everything within several hundred metres of their hive.

Get an experienced professional.

Many experienced beekeepers will not remove established hives from wall cavities or similar structures because of the difficulty and risks involved. Some beginning beekeepers, unaware of the risks, difficulties and or danger will give it ago but if it goes wrong they don’t know what to do and leave, saying, “I’ve done all I can. Bye”
I have been called in to fix these problems.
Even if your bees are docile today they will not stay that way. In times of bad weather or shortage of nectar and pollen the bees will become either defensive of their hive or aggressive to anyone near their hive.

Bees left to their own devices eventually, over time, become aggressive.

The longer you leave a bee hive in your wall the larger it will become. You, your neighbours or your visitors will get stung at some point.
Yes we can, whether in a wall or a swarm we have developed technology to remove the bees from your premises. For hive removal from walls the process does take longer however bees play an important part in our agricultural and ecosystem.
Our services start from only $100. Prices vary on each job dependent on the time, service and equipment required.
Yes we are fully insured for our work
We endevour to provide same day service for every client however times can vary dependant on availability and seasons.
Unique to our industry we provide an optional bee prevention service to prevent bees from re-establishing a colony in your wall. This provides a peace of mind to our clients thats not available with other providers.
For swarm and hive removal work we service the Greater Brisbane, Redlands and Logan Regions.
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