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What To Do When There Are Bees In Your Air Conditioner

As soon as you notice bees hanging around you outdoor air conditioning unit you need to take action. The longer they are allowed to stay and build their nest, the more difficult the removal will be. Addressing the issue early will also reduce the risk of bees entering your home through your air conditioner vents.

If there are bees in your air conditioner follow our 3-step checklist to ensure that the bees are safely removed without affecting your air conditioning unit.

1) Stop Using The Air Conditioner

The first thing you should do when you notice bees in or around your air conditioning unit is to stop using it. Try taping over the controls on the thermostat as a reminder to everyone in the household that it is out of action. This will ensure that the air conditioner isn’t accidentally turned on allowing bees to get into your house.

You may also want to cover the vents with paper or cardboard to prevent the bees from flying in on their own.

2) Call Your Local Beekeeper

It’s important to take immediate action when you notice bees hanging around your air conditioning unit before it becomes an even bigger problem. Call your local beekeeper as soon as possible to come and remove the bees safely. Your beekeeper will also be able to advise you on how to prevent bees from getting into your AC unit in the future.

DO NOT try to remove the bees yourself as they are dangerous and can become aggressive. Bee removalists will be covered by insurance in the case of injury to protect anyone involved. Additionally, even if you are successful in removing the bees yourself, other bees will more than likely return to the area after a short period of time.

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3) Contact Your Local Air Conditioning Technician

Depending on whether or not the bees are inside the air conditioning unit yet, you may also need to contact your local air conditioning technician. This is because if the bees have built a nest inside the unit it will need to be properly cleaned out ensuring that any honey and debris are removed to ensure that the air conditioner will run efficiently.

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