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I called Pete this morning for advice about bees swarming around an opening in the bricks of my house. He came within an hour and sorted out our problem. He was friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Highly recommend. Thank you.

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Bee Swarm Removal

Highly recommended by pest companies across South-East QLD

Bee Hive Removal

There could be anywhere between 10 000 to 100 000 bees in a bee colony.

Bee Prevention

Once gone we've developed special technology to help keep them out

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Brisbane Bee Removal

Looking for a beekeeper for swarm or hive removal in the Brisbane area? Pete’s honey bee keepers and apiarists have been keeping and removing bee swarms and hives since 1985. We provide specialist bee swarm and hive removal services to residential property around Brisbane as well as servicing property managers, real estate offices, business chains and government agencies We remove bee swarms from residential properties, cars, trees and commercial buildings in the Brisbane area.

Bee Swarm Removal

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Bee Hive Removal

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Bee Prevention

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Can You Remove The Bees Live?

Yes we can, whether in a wall or a swarm we have developed technology to remove the bees from your premises. For hive removal from walls the process does take longer however bees play an important part in our agricultural and ecosystem.

Can I handle them myself?

While you might feel like a good ol can of mortein can tackle the job. There could be anywhere between 10 000 to 100 000 bees in a bee colony and they can become agressive. Even though we're professionals we carry insurance to protect you and us.

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Petes Beekeepers | Removal Services

We have been beekeepers since 1985, we have just over 100 bee hives and move them at times around South East Queensland. As professional beekeepers we understand how bees work and their repopulation cycle ie swarms predominantly in the warmer months from August to April...

Brisbane Beekeepers

Bee Swarm Removal

There may be as many as 10 000 – 30 000 bees in one swarm.

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Bee Hive Removal

Bee hive removal is a specialist area.

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Bee Prevention

Once the bees move in and establish a hive in your wall they will...

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Can I leave the hive in my wall?

Even if your bees are docile today they will not stay that way. In times of bad weather or shortage of nectar and pollen the bees will become either defensive of their hive or aggressive to anyone near their hive. Bees left to their own devices eventually, over time, become aggressive. The longer you leave a bee hive in your wall the larger it will become. You, your neighbours or your visitors will get stung at some point.